Time is Endless an Original Oil Painting 18" x 24."

I painted after seeing and hearing this clip.

 Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian pianist, composed an arrangement to educate the public to save the Arctic for Greenpeace. He played the piano on a floating platform as the icebergs were dropping at an alarming rate of time in the Arctic Ocean.

Thank-you Ludovico Einaudi! 

Eyes of Temptation is an Original Oil Painting  18" x 24"

After I finished this painting it was clear to me my Mother's eyes were looking at me. My mother had beautiful turquoise blue eyes! 

Tampa, Florida

The journey is an Original Oil Painting

24" x 30" 

My husband and I did a lot of kayaking over the years. We both owned a Walden Vision 18' however in this painting I decided to share the journey together by having us together in one Kayak as well as Angus our pug and Amelia, our cat.

Weatherfield, VT